chloe’s outfits in ep 3 tho

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"lawyers don’t get paid to look out the window"

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mike ross in every episode (season one)

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Suddenly he presses a hand to my stomach. His fingers are so long that, thought the heel of his hand touches the side of my rib cage, his fingertips still touch the other side. My heart pounds so hard my chest hurts, and I stare at him, wide-eyed. “Never forget to keep tension here” he says in a quiet voice. Four lifts his hand and keeps walking. It’s strange, but I have to stop and breathe for a few seconds before I can keep practicing.

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tvd meme ♔ [4/6] song moments: Redemption - The Strange Familiar
↳ “For everyone lost in the silence. For every one missing piece. For every will that is broken, no matter how dark it may be. There is redemption.”

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make me choose
anonymous asked: forwood or steferine
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